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Embankment Seating International now offer SPARTAN our Portable / Temporary  seating solution, which can be easily transported to any location and erected rapidly.    

  1. Our seating units are designed to meet NZ and Australian design standards. They are approved and certified.
  2. This seating is ROBUST - designed as 'all weather' (all aluminium), with no nuts and bolts required for assembly.
  3. It is a simple clip / lock together system. Each unit measures approx. 3m deep x 3m wide x 2.1m high.
  4. Weight = 250 kg per unit so 1 Tonne for all 4 units.
  5. Assembly : 1 unit, 2 people = 8 minutes assembly. 4 units can be assembled by 2 people in under 30 minutes .
  6. Each single unit holds around 25 adults / 50 children depending on a plastic seat type and configuration.
  7. Each unit has its own side and back guard frames so they can be setup individually if required.
  8. Plastic seat addition (High back or Low bench type) is an option if required on a reconfigured base.
  9. There is a seperate 1.5m wide step/aisle unit that locks onto the seating units. Step-aisle  units are not required with every seat unit and will be linked on dependent of seating numbers and desired seating configuration.  
  10. This seating can be used both Indoors or Outdoors - by simply changing the foot setting to suit the indoor gymnasium environment or the outdoor grass / sand environment.

If your club or organisation requires Temporary Seating we can provide to suit your requirements.

We can sell, lease or hire SPARTAN Temporary Seating.  

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Become a reseller or licenced territory owner.

The Gladiator Embankment Seating System is patented and internationally design registered.

If you would you like to be an authorised reseller or a licenced territory owner of the Gladiator Embankment Seating System then contact us for details.


About Us

The Gladiator Embankment Seating System has the potential to invigorate existing and new sports facilities and recreational event environments both locally and internationally. 

Gladiator provides an efficient comfortable spectator seating solution, that is easy to design, rapid to construct, offers long term endurance (constructed of concrete) and above all is cost effective - these were the key elements in the evolution and development of the Gladiator Embankment Seating System.  Click here to read more about us and our inspiration...

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Greg Shalfoon :

Seating System Developer / Owner.

Tel. +64 - (07) 57 99 66 4  or  Mob. +64 - 021 037 1571