MAXIMUS - Container Grandstands

Embankment Seating International now offers the MAXIMUS 40-63 our Container Grandstand Seating solution, which can be easily transported to any location and made operational rapidly.    

  1. Our CONTAINER GRANDSTAND SOLUTIONS are designed in accordance with THE GREEN GUIDE standards and recommendations. 
  2. MAXIMUS - Container Grandstands - are transportable and 'all weather' resilient.
  3. Each MAXIMUS - 40-63 Container Grandstand has a footprint of 2.5m x 12.3m
  4. Each MAXIMUS - 40-63 Container Grandstand will comfortably seat 63 spectators.
  5. Each MAXIMUS - 40-63 Container Grandstand is easily transported by truck, train or ship.
  6. Each MAXIMUS - 40-63 Container Grandstand can be fully customised to suit the clients colour requirements.
  7. Each MAXIMUS - 40-63 Container Grandstand has comfortable high quality tip-up stadium seating.
  8. There is an independant 1.5m wide central aisle allowing easy ingress and egress .  
  9. This seating can be used both Indoors or Outdoors - by simply attaching optional wheels which will allow the container grandstand to be moved around any site with the use of a tractor or similar vehicle - indoor gymnasium or the outdoor grass / sand environment (indoor environments will door opening of 3m x 3m)

If your club or organisation requires Temporary Transportable Grandstand Seating we can provide to suit your requirements.

We can sell, lease or hire a MAXIMUS 40-63 Container Grandstand 

Phone. 0800 MAXIMUS (0800 629 468)