(1) Why the Gladiator Embankment Seating System?

The Gladiator Seating System is a modular masonry concrete block system, achieving considerable cost and time savings when priced and constructed against traditional in-situ concrete or precast concrete stadium or spectator seating systems and construction methodologies.

(2)  How are the Gladiator Seating System blocks manufactured?

The Gladiator Seating System comprises two masonry block units.

1: a Seat block and 2: a Step or Aisle block. These block units are manufactured on any quality masonry block producing machine available throughout the world. (given the raw materials are suitable)

(3)  How is the Gladiator Seating System installed?

(That makes it so efficient compared to traditional concrete seating methodologies)

Where a suitable earth embankment exists, you simply cut or shape the embankment to the required gradient, construct an engineer designed 'toe' or 'shear key' footing at the front edge or toe of the embankment, prep the embankment base and pour a 100mm (4 inch) mesh reinforced concrete slab, after suitable time for slab to cure (24 – 36 hours) proceed to lay Gladiator block units as per the desired seating and step aisle configuration. Concrete mowing strips to sides, top and bottom (or top and bottom could be a walkway / footpath) lock the system in place.

It should be noted; many existing spectator embankment environments are customarily at the preferred Gladiator Seating System gradient. Resulting in minimal construction earthworks costs.

(4)  The Gladiator Seating System looks time consuming to construct.

Not at all, on the contrary, this is where the Gladiator Seating System efficiency of speed comes into play which increases further cost savings.

Due to the Gladiator Seating Systems character, it is straight forward to design/configure, uncomplicated to manufacture and ultimately rapid to construct/install.

(5)  Can the Gladiator Seating System block units be coloured.

Yes, by simply adding a coloured oxide to the masonry concrete mix at the time of block production. Numerous oxide colours are now available.

(6)  Are there any Maintenance issues with the Gladiator Seating Sstem?

No, The Gladiator Seating System is a high strength masonry concrete product, therefore no difference to that of any standard masonry building block or concrete product.

(7) Can anyone purchase and install the Gladiator Seating System?.

No, Gladiator is a licensed product and should only be installed by a suitably qualified and recognized contractors, either under the supervision of an Embankment Seating International and or its Licensed Representatives / Gladiator trained and accredited installer.

(8) Do Gladiator Seating Systems have a range of products?

Yes, Embankment Seating International is continually working on new and innovative embankment seating and retaining solutions.

Embankment Seating International has a saying, ‘We have a solution!’

If you require embankment seating, terrace retaining or a step situation, we will work with you to find a solution.

(9) 'Our proposed site doesn't have an existing embankment' - what can we do?

Imported 'fill' material compacted against an approved retaining wall system can be used to create the required embankment slope base.

Alternatively the existing earth terrain can possibly be 'cut' out to create the desired gradient platform including the cut embankment sides.

(10) How quickly can Gladiator Seating System be installed?

As an example, a Gladiator spectator or stadium seating solution for 500 people, could be constructed on an existing embankment in 7 working days by three suitably qualified and recognized installers.

(11) What should I budget for a Gladiator Seating System?

A good cost estimate would be NZ$350* per seat; typically this includes construction setting out, minimal earthworks and base preparation, shear key footing construction, box and pour 100mm (4inch) mesh reinforced concrete base slab and the installation of the Gladiator Seating blocks and end caps. (* Sept. 2015 NZ)

Naturally this would be subject to the suitability of existing site conditions.  Location and relocation of existing services including access to site.

(12) What about curves - can the Gladiator Seating System be installed in a curved configuration?

Yes - by simply breaking the desired curve radius into sectors, with step - aisles being constructed across each sector or change of in curvature. The result will be regulation seating around a desired curve radius. 

(13) What about the inclusion or use of services within the proposed seating facility?

Because the Gladiator Seating System is made up of hollow modular concrete blocks any cabling, piping, ducting of required services can easily pass through the seating system in any direction and any level.

(14) Do we have to fit plastic seat shells onto the Gladiator Seating System?

Although the Gladiator Seating System will accommodate the fitting of plastic seat shells it is not a necessary or mandatory requirement, but is an optional enhancement addition.

The Gladiator Seating System is designed to be comfortable in its natural state.