About Us

Embankment Seating International Limited is a New Zealand owned and operated company offering high quality cost effective embankment seating.

Embankment Seating owner Greg Shalfoon has developed the unique and patented Gladiator Seating System.  Gladiator Seating is tried and tested. It is perfect in application for seating solutions that range in any size. We have carried out a range of seating projects in New Zealand and Australia from school projects, sports club seating facilities, local authority council sports and recreational projects.

The Gladiator Embankment Seating System is ideal for a range of spectator seating applications:

  • Stadium seating
  • Sports Clubs spectator and facility seating
  • Motor sports spectator seating
  • School ampitheatres and sports facility seating
  • Local Authority - Parks and Reserves sports and recreational facility steps and seating.
  • Water sports (swimming pools, lake edge, foreshore protection, steating and steps)
  • Anywhere you want to provide a high class spectator seating solution.

Just a few Projects of note are...

  1. Landsdowne Park - Rugby Stadium - Blenheim - Supply & installation of 3000 spectator seats.
  2. Trafalgar Park - Rugby Stadium - Nelson - Supply & installation of 3000 spectator seats.
  3. 2010 Rowing World Championships facility - Lake Karapiro.
  4. 2012 Rugby Worl Cup - Yarrow Stadium - New Plymouth, Supply & installation of 3200 spectator seats.
  5. 2013 NZ Softball Diamond facility Rosedale Park - Auckland, Supply & installation of spectator seating.
  6. 2013 Mt Smart Stadium - Arena 2 - Auckland, Supply & installation of 1212 spectator seats.
  7. 2011, 2013 Lloyde Elsmore Park - Auckland, Supply & installation of spectator seating. 
  8. 2011, 2013 Saxton Cricket Oval - Nelson, Supply & installation of spectator seating.
  9. 2013 Centennial Park - Te Puke, Supply & installation of spectator seating.



    1. Our in-house concept visualisation and engineering capabilities allow us to provide the following services:


  • Preliminary site inspection and investigation.
  • Conceptual seating layouts and configurations - including advanced 3D visualisation. 
  • Project budget / cost estimation.
  • Design and Build capabilities.
  • Approved installation contractors.
  • Complete Project management.