Gladiator Seating

A New Zealand company’s innovative seating system, designed to create spectator seating on earth embankments, has the potential to help invigorate recreational and sporting events both locally and internationally.

The Gladiator Seating System is modeled on the ancient construction method of placing shaped blocks one behind another upon a preformed earth embankment at a specific gradient.
This type of seating system has proven itself to be extremely well suited on an existing embankment environment as well as being very cost effective. It is also good to note many existing parks, reserves and sporting venues already have existing embankments or the potential to have them easily constructed.
“It’s the perfect, cost effective embankment seating solution for existing and proposed sites.”
The Gladiator Embankment Seating System is not only a robust cost effective seating solution, but it is also rapidly constructed, which basically means 'bums on seats in minimal time'.


Become a reseller or licenced territory owner.

The Gladiator Embankment Seating System is patented and internationally design registered.

If you would you like to be an authorised reseller or a licenced territory owner of the Gladiator Embankment Seating System then contact us for details.


About Us

The Gladiator Embankment Seating System has the potential to invigorate existing and new sports facilities and recreational event environments both locally and internationally. 

Gladiator provides an efficient comfortable spectator seating solution, that is easy to design, rapid to construct, offers long term endurance (constructed of concrete) and above all is cost effective - these were the key elements in the evolution and development of the Gladiator Embankment Seating System.  Click here to read more about us and our inspiration...

Contact Us

Greg Shalfoon :

Seating System Developer / Owner.

Tel. +64 - (07) 57 99 66 4  or  Mob. +64 - 021 037 1571