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The principle behind the Gladiator Embankment Seating System is that an "embankment" exists or can be constructed at the desired facility location.

Embankment creation can easily and cost effectively be achieved by either cutting or filling the existing terrain.

*The use of High Density Polystyrene fill blocks can possibly be used where existing ground conditions are deemed marginal or unsuitable to take the load of imported earth fill material.

* Gladiator seating blocks can also be laid onto engineer designed and prepared suspended concrete slab structures.

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Once the required embankment gradient (slope) has been constructed and approved the most important aspect of the construction phase is to pour a 100mm thick mesh reinforced concrete slab to the required gradient. This will form the platform base on which the Gladiator blocks will laid or sit. It is important to have this slab accurate and 'tidy' as it will determine the correctness of the seating system.

From here we need to either pour a small retaining toe or up-stand - this will also act as a block retaining nib - this acts to stop any potential downward movement or “creep” of the blocks once they are laid in place on the slab.

We can then place the Gladiator blocks that consist of an aisle or step module and a seating module to achieve the desired seating configuration.

The hollow blocks are manufactured on a Columbia or similar palletising block making machine with the aisle or step block weighing approx 30kgs and the seat block weighing approx 39kgs.

The simplicity of the Gladiator Seating System can be seen when the contractor simply places the required aisle and seat blocks to produce the desired seating configuration.

An important aspect to note is that the blocks do not require any fixing down apart from a small slab at the top to restrain the blocks.

The block ends at aisles or walkways are “capped” to prevent vermin, rubbish etc lodging or being discarded in the block cavities. End ‘Caps’ requirement is estimated and provided with the Gladiator block consignment.

The Gladiator Seating System lends itself to easily accommodate additional services within the blocks hollow cavity i.e. lighting, public address - media ducting.

Pedestrian walkways at the base and top of the embankment seating can also be constructed if required. 

Construction Timing

Based on site conditions and seating configuration complexity. i.e. a suitable embankment exists and that a straight forward seating configuration is required.  It would take 3 experienced men 7 days to complete 500 seats including aisles from time of entry onto the site until final completion.