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Design Layout - Seating Configuration

It is advisable that a site survey and geotechnical investigation be carried out on the desired seating facility location prior to the commencement of design and construction.
Upon approval of the seating facility location a detailed seating and aisle configuration including typical cross sections will be produced for approval prior to construction.
This will form the basis for the overall project measure, seating facility costing and construction detail information.



If there is an existing bank the initial step is to trim the bank to a 1: 3 gradient.

If there is not an existing embankment then the gradient can be achieved by importing fill.

From there the critical step is to pour a 100mm concrete slab that becomes the base on which the concrete seating and aisle units are laid. The correctness of this slab will reflect the finished levels of the seating configuration.

The base of the slab will contain a small up stand to eliminate creep once the blocks are laid.

Once the layout and ratio of seats to aisles is calculated it is a simple task of placing the units. There is no fixing or mortaring of the seating units. On completion of installation a small concrete pad is poured at the top of the structure to hold the units in place and the structure is complete.